Small Business

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Small Business

As a startup owner trying to be frugal, you might assume an accountant is a luxury you can live without. However, if you compare how long you spend on bookkeeping to the value of your time, you’ll quickly discover it’s better to invest your energy and attention on growing your business.

For example, if it takes you five hours to prepare your tax return and you typically charge clients $100 per hour, it will cost you the equivalent of $500 to do your taxes by yourself. And there’s always a chance you’ve overlooked something or made a miscalculation – especially if you’re juggling multiple responsibilities. In this case, having a small business accountant prepare your taxes for you can help you avoid the stress of an IRS audit. As you’ll discover, expert tax prep is only one reason to consider working with a knowledgeable accounting professional.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Small Business Accountant?

Independent business owners are free to set their schedule, choose which projects to work on and make strategic decisions. While taking control of your destiny can be liberating, the volume of work involved can sometimes lead to burnout. At some point, you will need to trust other people to handle some parts of your day-to-day business, giving you more time to focus on mission-critical tasks. Delegating your company’s finances is a good place to start.

Keeping up with changing tax and financial regulations can be overwhelming, especially if your passions lie elsewhere. Accountants use industry knowledge to suggest ways you can free up cash flow and save money for your future. We can also:

  • Complete and file the required legal documents for your business
  • Ensure your company complies with the latest tax laws
  • Manage accounts payable and receivable
  • Prepare annual account statements, allowing you to accurately predict cash flow
  • Handle your payroll tax filings and issue employee W-2s and 1099s

Partner With Clear View Business Solutions

There are excellent reasons to hire an accountant at any stage of your business’ growth. Knowledgeable accounting professionals can help you craft a realistic business plan and advise you on your company’s legal structure. When you partner with Clear View’s team, we’ll work for you, analyzing your financial statements to identify opportunities to make your business more profitable.

Our experts have more than 20 years of experience helping startups become profitable. Partnering with new business owners, we set up and organize complete financial records for federal, state and local tax compliance, and offer accounting and bookkeeping services, all under one roof.

Our startup services include:

  • Business structure advice
  • Business plans
  • Loan proposals
  • LLC formation
  • Training to automate business records

Our staff is skilled at tailoring services for small business owners, independent consultants, gig workers and solopreneurs. We provide reliable advice to self-employed people in various service sectors, such as Airbnb owners and Uber drivers. Many of our staff members have been business owners themselves, so we understand the unique challenges of business planning, tax compliance, accounting and bookkeeping.

We have two locations in Tucson, Arizona, and proudly provide small business accounting to business owners across the country. If you need help scaling your business and making your dreams of entrepreneurship a reality, please reach out to us today.