Respond to IRS and State Notices

Respond to IRS and State Notices

Respond to IRS and State Notices

Have you gotten a letter from the IRS or a state tax agency? If so, it’s important to respond promptly and accurately to avoid potential penalties or further action. Clear View works with clients to navigate the process of responding to messages from federal- and state-level organizations.

Responding to IRS and State Notices

A tax representative can help you understand the implications of the notice and develop a plan to address any outstanding tax issues. As a trusted small business partner, Clear View handles all communications from state and federal tax agencies, responding promptly to all notices. We make sure you will never stumble into any sort of tax trouble again. All of Clear View’s individual tax returns come with Notice Protection and Identity Theft Resolution to help you resolve discrepancies quickly.

Received a Notice? Take Swift Action.

Getting a letter from the IRS is no reason to panic. Clear View is on your side. We’ll help you to understand the agency’s request, craft an accurate response, and take any requested action. Our CPAs have a deep knowledge of tax law and are always prepared to keep client accounts in compliance. If you need help responding to IRS and state notices, submit a confidential contact form today.

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