How Optimism Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed


optimism helps entrepreneurs succeed

How Optimism Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Entrepreneurs tend to share some common traits. They want to be their own boss, run their own business, and be in control of how their business functions from day to day. They also take on financial risks but then are able to enjoy the financial rewards of their business. Entrepreneurs have a particular spirit about them, a mindset that keeps them going through the challenges and the victories. At heart, they are optimistic about their business and their future. It is fascinating to discover how optimism helps entrepreneurs succeed.

Optimism is More Than Positive Thinking

A professor of psychology at New York University, Gabriele Oettingen says that optimism goes deeper than positive thinking. She explains that optimism is defined by an expectancy that you will be able to accomplish certain things. What she calls “expectancy judgments” are based on past experience, meaning that optimism takes some effort but carries great rewards. Optimism helps entrepreneurs succeed because it means they are more likely to invest, act, and put effort into achieving what they want to get done.

Creative Thinking

Entrepreneurs tend to think creatively. The very existence of their business is usually the result of finding new solutions or serving a new set of customers. They see a positive future for their business, as they think of creative ways to expand, add services, or create new products.

Thinking in this way about their future is a good thing for entrepreneurs. It also helps to explain why optimism helps entrepreneurs succeed. Research shows that when people are future-oriented (as optimists tend to be) and when they think vividly about distant futures in a positive way, it stimulates creative ideas about what such a world will be like, and how they can get there.

One Failure is Not the End

Optimism is also critical in helping entrepreneurs work through their failed efforts. The successful entrepreneur is able to take lessons from their failures, rather than simply folding in defeat. Failure is not the end of the journey for optimistic entrepreneurs, but instead is just one more step on the path to success. When things go bad for an entrepreneur, that actually helps them grow. They are able to see things in a new way, enabling them to change gears or start fresh.

A Healthier Approach

Optimism helps entrepreneurs succeed as they don’t tend to dwell on negativity. Optimists are happier and less stressed. They even tend to be healthier people, which can help them on their journey to success as well. A study conducted by the University of Illinois found that those who were the most optimistic were 76 percent more likely to have health scores in an ideal range. The participants had significantly better blood sugar and cholesterol levels, exercised more, and had healthier body mass indexes, and were less likely to smoke than pessimists.

Achieve More

Entrepreneurship takes work. Creativity is a major factor, but time and effort are also critical to the success of any business. Achieving goals typically cannot be accomplished with pessimism. Movement and growth are essential, in business and in life. Optimism helps the entrepreneur achieve both. The optimistic entrepreneur sees new opportunities, learns from experience, and keeps moving toward success.


Success in business and in life also takes persistence. The optimistic entrepreneur is more likely to be persistent in their efforts, even given difficult challenges. Optimists have been found to be more confident and persistent. That does not mean there are not setbacks, but optimism helps entrepreneurs succeed as they stick to their chosen path. Their persistence is maintained even when they may face discouraging results that they know are only temporary, until they employ their creative thinking process and move forward once again.

Optimism and Success

There is evidence that optimism is linked to financial success for entrepreneurs. One recent study found that entrepreneurs’ optimism was associated with a greater increase in their company’s profits a year later. From these and other findings, it is clear that optimism helps the entrepreneur succeed, through positive motivation, emotional fortitude, and cognitive resilience.


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