Recognizing Burnout Among Accountants During the Tax Season


recognizing burnout in accountants

Recognizing Burnout Among Accountants During the Tax Season

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

The tax season is a stressful time for anyone involved with taxes. However, for accountants, it can be an overwhelming time. The workload avalanche, coupled with the time constrictions, can lead to burnout. It isn’t surprising to find that 82% of accountants experience it. With this in mind, here is how to recognize burnout in accountants. 

How Can I Tell if Someone is Burned Out?

People respond to stress in many ways. For some, they just shut down. They will not seem engaged with their work or might appear withdrawn. In turn, this could result in mistakes with your tax filing. 

And therein lies the problem with burnout among accountants. In many professions, a mistake is easy to correct. However, when it comes to someone doing your taxes, making a minor mistake could prove costly. Forgetting to claim a deduction or making a computing mistake could result in a delay in filing taxes. 

And if the delay exceeds the deadline, you could be on the hook for penalties and interest. Also, failing to find all deductions means your tax liability could be higher than it should be. 

Therefore, it is vital to consider the following when choosing an accountant:

  • Do they appear engaged?
  • Are they paying attention to the minor details you need?
  • Are they responsive to emails or calls? 
  • Are they defensive if you ask too many questions?

These indicators can help you identify whether the accountant exhibits signs of burnout. While it is common for some to take days to respond to your inquiries, pay close attention to how they respond. Are they addressing the questions you have, or are they speaking more in generalized terms?

Moreover, trust your gut when speaking with one. If the accountant seems disinterested in working with you or wants to pawn you off, then it is a clear indication you should find someone else to file your taxes. 

Don’t Trust Just Anyone with Your Taxes

Tax law is complicated and ever-changing. With this in mind, you need a team that displays expertise in tax law. Our team undergoes 80 hours of education each year to ensure we’re ready for all the tax changes that happen.

In turn, it means you’re receiving a team dedicated to filing your taxes while also making sure you remain compliant with state, local, and federal tax laws. Since our focus is on taxes, you can rest assured we pay careful attention to addressing your tax needs. 

Whether it is filing, implementing a strategy to reduce tax liability, or solving any problems with the IRS, our team is standing by to assist you. Don’t trust just anyone with your taxes. Contact us today to see how we can take taxes off your plate.